Nurturing Each Child’s Desire To Blossom

Through World-Class Montessori Early Education

Nurturing Each Child’s Desire To Blossom

Through World-Class Montessori Early Education

We’ve always been clean and safe but now we are sparkling!

Do You Want More Than A Traditional Daycare, Preschool or Child Care Center
In Omaha For Your Child?

Montessori Offers Unique Programs
For Infants Through To Age Six.


Watch this short video for an at-a-glance overview of the Montessori approach and see why what we do at Montessori Education Centers (MEC) is so unique. We serve the Omaha and surrounding communities of Elkhorn, Gretna, Papillion, and LaVista.

We Promise To Protect
Your Child So They Thrive

Our preschools are meticulously cleaned and thoroughly sanitized. We take the extra safety precautions you’d expect, such as monitoring grounds with closed-circuit cameras, restricted access to our buildings, and enclosing our yards for protection and privacy.

Montessori-Certified Teachers
Expertly Guide Your Child

Instructors are equipped with a Bachelor’s degree, as well as two years of Montessori training. Each teacher holds a Montessori AMS accreditation, and all of our schools are AMS full member sites, which means they meet the standards of excellence of Montessori educators worldwide.

A Strong Foundation Of
Academic And Life Skills

The education your child receives in early childhood sets the groundwork for their future learning. Teachers guide your child to take the next natural step in their understanding of age-appropriate and skill-level-appropriate ways. The Montessori method builds lasting self-esteem and independence.

The Montessori Classroom Itself Is Your Child’s Greatest Learning Tool.

It supports and influences your child in the following ways:


Younger children learn from older children, and older children the opportunity to help younger peers.


Even the youngest child gains a natural sense of order in their prepared space, which is minimal, and neat.


Montessori materials are an open-ended invitation for exploratory play; there is not just one way to play.


Your child has endless opportunities to refine fine and gross motor skills with hands-on work every day.

A Multi-Age Classroom
Is Ideal For Early Learning

Children learn at their own pace! Children can build stronger relationships, the older children can show leadership and become mentors to their younger peers, and the younger children can model the older children. This arrangement mirrors real-life experiences where the reality is that they will be working with and across many chronological ages.

The Montessori environment provides the ideal setting
for brain development, as your child develops:


Your child discovers self-motivation through activities that are both challenging and age-appropriate and can choose activities based on their interests.


Classroom rules and materials encourage hands-on age-appropriate work, develop focus, an essential skill to support active learning.


Each work has a purpose apparent to your child, and they can repeat the actions often. This repetition builds learning stamina, perseverance, and extends their ability to concentrate.

The Prepared Environment
Is Your Child's Third Teacher

The Montessori prepared classroom is considered the third teacher. This environment leads your child towards their interests and discoveries. The classroom is meticulously set up and contains five main areas of learning:

Montessori Materials Are An
Open-Ended Invitation To Play

Montessori materials are specially-designed instructional materials—many invented by Maria Montessori—that are a hallmark of all authentic Montessori classrooms. Didactic and open-ended, these materials offer your inquisitive child exploration and diversity.

Hands-On Play Enhances
All Levels Of Learning

Concrete manipulatives enhance all areas and levels of learning. Give your child endless opportunities to hone their academic and social skills as they work independently and in small groups at accomplishable tasks that boost confidence.

The Montessori Method
Nurtures Independence

Dr. Maria Montessori developed the Montessori Method in the early 1900s. It’s a specific child-centered education method that involves child-led activities, referred to as “work,” classrooms with children of varying ages, and teachers who encourage independence among their pupils.

Daily Lessons Include Good
Citizenry And Character Building

Education not only encompasses math, science, art, and literature but also developing practical life skills and politely interacting with others. When children have self-esteem and strong social skills, it helps them become confident learners.

Empowering Your Child
With Freedom Of Choice

Our self-driven approach to learning and exploration encourages children to develop their unique talents, abilities, and problem-solving skills. The world-famous RIE® philosophy is incorporated to raise self-sufficient thinkers who feel equipped to make their own decisions.

Learning To Love
The Natural World

Daily nature experiences are organized to provide your child with a broad understanding of ecological systems, flora, and fauna. They are encouraged to run through the woods, plant gardens, dig for critters, and build forts thanks to plenty of unstructured outdoor play.

The RIE® Educaring®
Approach Builds Trust

Each interaction with your child is conducted based on the RIE® Educaring® Approach. They will be treated as active participants in their care, with teachers asking if they can pick them up and giving them the freedom to play and explore based on their interests.

Creativity Flourishes With
A Specialized Art Program

An enhanced art program is offered to encourage your child to express themselves, create to their heart’s content, and polish their fine motor skills by learning how to grip a paintbrush and manipulate various materials. Even a scribble is a masterpiece!

Montessori Fosters The Best of the Best

Adopted by elite executives in Silicon Valley, top doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers – in every field, you’ll find the best of the best come from a Montessori background. A loving, caring, and nurturing educational environment matters.

Local, Family-Owned,
And Family-Focused

We will treat your child as though they were our own, offering plenty of personalized attention to help them flourish in all aspects of life. With deep roots in the local community, our ownership team works towards building a business with a robust set of core family values.

Spanish, Music, Yoga, And More!

Your tuition includes weekly Movement classes that change every six weeks (including yoga, tumbling, dance, hip hop, and more!), Spanish, and Music! Seasonal (ex. soccer!) and extra enrichments (karate and swimming) are available.

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