Amy and Andrew Bernstein

Amy is the Director of Events at Crain’s Chicago Business. Her brother Andrew, is currently in London, promoting movies like Finding Dory, as the Vice President of Publicity for The Walt Disney Company.

Michael Gomez

Following high school graduation in Omaha, MEC alum Michael Gomez moved to Kansas City, MO, to attend Rockhurst University. Catching up with Michael recently at his father’s Greater Omaha Chamber retirement party, we learned that Michael is a sales technology advisor for American Century Investment Services Inc. (22+ years with ACI). When he is not travelling for business, Michael enjoys travelling for pleasure and fine wines. His favorite vacation spot: Napa Valley!

James Simon

Omaha native and Montessori Children’s House alum, James Simon launched PeggyBank – a nationally recognized e-commerce website in March 2011. According to Simon, converts non-copyrighted media to JPEGS and film, and video and audio to MPEGS for customers. Prior to Peggybank, James created the e-commerce division of Omaha Steaks and, worked at AOL creating on-line merchant sales platforms, and co-owned Pear’s Gourmet.

Jennie and Jonathan Jones

Jennie owns her own business in the Dallas, TX area.

Jon is the bass player and backing vocalist for the Eli Young Band. The band received three nominations for the 2012 Academy of Country Music Awards: Song of the Year, Top Vocal Group of the Year, and Single Record of the Year. On April 1, 2012 the band won the Academy of Country Music Award for Song of the Year. In July 2012, the band’s second single from Life at Best, “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” reached the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart and the USA Today/Country Aircheck. Last week in Dallas, the band played as personal quests for former President Bush. Jon and his wife Sara will be having their first child in December.

Sally Nellson/Barrett

Sally Nellson Barrett is executive producer for the Nebraska Loves Public Schools campaign. Since 2011, Sally has directed over 30 films to raise awareness about public school education in Nebraska. She most recently has turned her attention to creating documentaries focused on ways that public schools help foster success in children from low income families.

Paul and Chris Assimacopolos

Mother, Lynn Assimacopoulos, reports that son Paul attended the University of Minnesota and graduated with a BA in Psychology (he says he uses it all the time). He now lives in Manhattan, NYC, where he works as an event coordinator, author, and speaker. He also stars in his own musical events periodically. You can read more about Paul at or under his pseudonym, Andrew Demetre at

Brother and music lover, Chris Assimacopoulos, received the Louis Armstrong award in high school. In college, Chris majored in Music and has taught middle school band in Minneapolis and Phoenix, where he resides with his family. Not only does he love teaching music, he has also played in community bands and given musical instrument lessons.


Maddie, Andrew and Lola Klinger

Madeline Klinger, a Fulbright Scholarship recipient, is currently attending Creighton University and taking calculus (for recreation) this summer!

Prior to high school graduation, Andrew Klinger was recognized as a state champion in powerlifting and received scholarships to 5 colleges/universities. Andrew made the decision to accept the scholarship at University of Nebraska at Omaha, and begin classes this fall.

Their little sister, high school sophomore, Lola Klinger enjoys modeling and has won scholarships for her modeling, as well!

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