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Elearning Development

Elearning development continues long after we leave primary and secondary school. Sexual harassment training, remote work training, and other professional development services strive to build a capable culture and workforce. With 15 years of professional experience, Liam Crest offers programs that reach over 7000 learners worldwide with 10000 hours of content.

Who should I hire for my professional development training?

Many factors keep your workforce happy and learning. Among the largest impacts on the ability to learn are:

  • A lack of understanding of different cultures in America
  • Programs that promote memorization over an interaction
  • Content that is not engaging
  • A quick process that teaches to a test
  • The use of inexperienced trainers

Any of these factors is enough to render your training useless. You pay for your employees to learn and reduce liability. Companies such as Liam Crest want you to succeed.

Cultural insensitivity in sensitivity training

It is not that trainers seek to ignore cultural differences but the fact that they exist which poses a significant barrier to learning. Staff need to address each person as they are, especially in corporations where H1B1 visas mean that employees come from an entirely different country.

Liam Crest trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, helping to build an understanding of values and perceptions across cultures and races. Our commitment to the bigger picture helps our methods prepare everyone for the challenges of the workforce. It is a reason we are an eLearning developer and not just a group of trainers.

Programs that promote interaction

Many companies treat professional development as a simple task until faced with the $22,500 price tag that glossing over the details brings. Sexual harassment alone costs the federal government over $100 million in 2018.

Your employees need to learn and not just repeat what they learned. We strive to create engaging content that tackles this problem in your organization. Customers continue to see a large benefit from our custom-built organization-centric practices.

Engaging content

Engaging your audience means accounting for every dimension. Disabilities, cultures, and races respond differently to different types of media. A blind person cannot watch a video.

Our approach to audio and visual content seeks to engrain our content in your culture. Combining audio-visual information with text leads to 20 to 60 percent more retention. Specialized games increase engagement.

Elearning courses that do more than teach to the test

Elearning courses are more than about the test. We understand that.

Our products create scenarios and bring the workplace to life to help your employees understand the consequences of their actions. Receive the full benefit of your investment with more than a test.

Experienced eLearning

Over 15 years in the field, gives Liam Crest the power to create a happy and productive workforce. We want your employees to retain what we teach in our eLearning Development process.

We craft every course to our customer’s needs, provide engaging content, and incorporate the dynamics of every employee. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can be a part of your professional development process.



Elearning Development